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Configure for Remote Searching and Sharing

Before a user can use the system to perform a remote search, they must configure the system to support searches on one or more remote systems.

Only an Administrative User can perform remote system search configurations.

However, after these configurations are made, any logged in user may use those configurations to perform remote searches.

Remote searches are carried out via pre-existing accounts on remote systems.

The user, group, and workspace permissions of each remote system search account used in these configurations determines the level of access (or restriction) that searching users will be granted when searching in a distributed fashion.

Thus, when designing remote search scenarios, such as federated searches or OAI-PMH harvesting amongst a distributed set of curators or registries, administrators must plan and coordinate remote system search account access controls appropriate to the datasets being searched.

There are two primary kinds of remote search that may be configured and executed on the system:

  1. Federated search
  2. OAI-PMH-based search

In both cases, administrators for both the local system and the remote system will need to work together in order to achieve the joint configurations necessary for remote search.

Remember: In both remote search cases (federated search, OAI-PMH-based search), the local system can only have a single configuration for a given remote system.